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Meridian K Consulting & Coaching Services

Meridian K specializes in providing coaching and counseling services for individuals, couples and groups. Meridian K also provides training, consulting, and public speaking services for organizations, schools, and community groups. Services and supports are evidence based, culturally responsive, & trauma informed.


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Recognized, Experienced, & Expert Professional

   I am an experienced and licensed mental health therapist who has been working in the human services field for most of my life. I have spent my career helping individuals, organizations, and community groups reach their highest potentials by using trauma-informed and culturally responsive practices.

   I am committed to ongoing learning and training, and I am constantly staying abreast of advances in my professional community in order to identify which practices work best for my clients. I strive for excellence and positive outcomes. Those who work with me often say that I am resourceful and knowledgeable, with “a wealth of information” at my disposal.

   I am also practical and pragmatic, and I believe that positive efforts achieve positive outcomes!

  Lastly, I believe that all healing and transformations come through relationships. I strive to meet the unique needs of everyone I have the privilege of working with!


Transforming Lives!

Individual & Couples Coaching & Counseling Services

Supporting you through all life's transitions!

If you're looking for a counselor or coach to help you acquire the tools and strategies needed to manage your stress, improve your coping skills, or adjust to a life transition, please give me a call. I specialize in helping individuals & couples successfully understand, manage, and overcome transitions and life changes! If you are dealing with a break up, change in health status, change in career, or any new phase of life, let's work together to identify and utilize the tools, resources, and skills you need to adapt and succeed! To learn more!

Training & Consulting Services

Trauma informed & evidence based training and consulting services

Meridian K Consulting & Counseling offers a full range of training and consultation services to help organizations, communities, and groups understand trauma & trauma-informed care and more effectively meet the needs of youth, families  & communities. All services are customized to meet your unique needs. Trainings is typically interactive, experiential, and will leave participants with useful skills. To learn more!

Online Classes and Groups

Helping leaders, advocates and healers maintain their passions and purposes (and themselves!)

Join us for online courses designed to help professionals, advocates, leaders and healers enhance their self care, renew their passions, and reclaim their bliss- in a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.  To learn more! Or contract us for more information!


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