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Karen C Simms

Who is Karen & What is Meridian K?


About Me

I am an experienced and licensed mental health therapist who has been working in the human services field for most of my life. I have spent my career helping individuals, organizations, and community groups reach their highest potentials by using trauma-informed and culturally responsive practices.

I am committed to ongoing learning and training, and I am constantly staying abreast of advances in my professional community in order to identify which practices work best for my clients. I strive for excellence and positive outcomes. Those who work with me often say that I am resourceful and knowledgeable, with “a wealth of information” at my disposal.

I am also practical and pragmatic, and I believe that positive efforts achieve positive outcomes!

Lastly, I believe that all healing and transformations come through relationships. I strive to meet the unique needs of every client.  


More About Me

I am a woman in the middle of my life. I am well seasoned and brimming with the wisdom that I’ve gained through decades of experiences. I understand how to navigate through transitions such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, and single parenthood. I have supported clients through a myriad of life changes including launching a child off to college, caring for aging parents, managing chronic illness, being unemployed, and changing careers. Throughout my life’s journey, I have also been an advocate, caregiver, and helper. I am committed to working with, for, and on behalf of individuals, families, couples, groups, organizations, and communities. My job is not finished until my clients are optimized, healthy, whole, and transformed into better, happier versions of themselves.


I am a licensed therapist and a graduate from Christian Theological Seminary. I am also an experienced coach, speaker, trainer, program administrator, and educator. My approach to therapy is based on family systems theory, which is strength based, trauma informed, and culturally responsive. I am open, affirming, nonjudgmental, empathetic, objective, and sometimes direct.


I believe that we all have unique gifts and talents and that everyone deserves full, free, and abundant lives. Therapists are merely guides. With our training and resources, we can provide insights, skills, and tools to help. Unlike a friend or family member, a therapist strives to assist with identifying the answers that work best for YOU!

Professional Areas of Expertise

Professionally, I have extensive experience in creating programs and services for women, men, children, and teens. My programs are always aimed at helping individuals achieve healthier, safer, and more empowered lives. My résumé includes extensive experience assisting communities, schools, organizations, and groups. I am an expert in systems coordination and cross-system collaboration as well as in improving programs, services, and supports for individuals in need.


If you are a member of a school or organization that is interested in working with me, please download my bio or visit my LinkedIn page. I am also happy to provide professional references and contacts from colleagues and clients.

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